Times Tumblr Raised Serious Questions About “Harry Potter”

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When I was in fifth grade I realized I liked girls but I was like “that’s a problem for another day” and literally forgot about it and then in like eleventh grade I was like “oh my god”


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people who dont wet their toothbrush before using it are strange and should not be trusted

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I hear you’ve been telling all your friends that you’re done with me like you always knew things wouldn’t work out. And I’ve been hearing things from people that I don’t want to talk to, like it matters who you’re sleeping with now. Can I erase from my mind anything that you said or any time that we spent with each other? I don’t want to waste away another cell on a memory when you’re just another meaningless lover. Forget the nights that we spent laughing until the morning on your bedroom floor without a thought about your roommate asleep down the hall. Forget the days we’d waste in bed, tangled, the smoke still on your breath, undressed and pinning you up to the wall. I swore I heard you talking when I was tossing in my sleep. You were always trying to walk in circles around me. I was out one night when I saw you and you froze me where I stood. I would hate you if I could. I would hate you but I’m not finished yet. Even you, up on that pedestal, the time will come when you will deconstruct yourself and remake what you are. When it does you’ll remember me and the words I spoke and wonder how you ever could have strayed so far.

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an-angel-with-nutella said: Sam Wilson is the only not super soldier in this relationship and it becomes way to obvious way too often. Especially when it comes to opening bottles. Water bottles or jam jars sometimes Sam just can't open them and Steve has to come to the rescue. And when there's a particularly hard peanut butter jar that even Steve can't open Bucky has to be the hero and make the sandwiches.


bucky can open anything, and sometimes steve will screw lids on extra tight and then ask him to open them, just to be a tease. on those days he rests his elbows on the counter and watches bucky with a smirk.

sam sidles up next to steve and wraps an arm around his waist.

"you get that peanut butter jar, bucky," he says. "you’re a true american hero."

steve giggles. bucky rolls his eyes and says “shut up and eat your fucking sandwich, wilson,” but he’s trying really hard not to smile.

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And then we’ll use Pippin’s song, and we’ll crush their souls for good
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You look fantastic. What are you wearing?

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